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This website is still being worked on. Check back later, okay? 🙂


DoRoyal is our website hosting platform, and is arguably our largest and most popular operation. Currently home to several dozen web hosting customers, our network serves over 100,000 visitors every month.

SidularInteractive Logo

Sidular Interactive is the name of our video game design and development operation. While Sidular isn’t currently well known for our game design efforts, we’re actively engaged within a number of indie projects, most notably Maze: An Exploration Game.


The Sidular Network is a large collection of digital operations. Mostly, the Network consists of gaming clans and communities, online forums, and website services that are either owned or operated by Sidular. (Tyler Harvey)

EnvisionCrew 2016 Logo Letterbox

Envision Crew is our most notable video game clan, and is currently competing in UGC. Counter-Strike, Dota, and Overwatch branches are also being established within the near future.


DeRoyalSnipers is our largest and most active public video game community, with over 600 members, 5 active video game servers, and monthly events. DRS also hosts the Massive Action Challenge, a competitive league designed for TF2 players.


Tyler Harvey uses Sidular as his online persona, with the most recent revision to this name being Sidular Retro, or Retro Sidular. He uses this persona to play and compete in online video games. Additionally, this is the name that he uses while streaming live to Twitch, or recording videos for YouTube.

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