Website Intrusion, Restoration Progress

The Sidular website was recently compromised by an outside party, disrupting our standard services, and installing an automated script that was designed to send massive amounts of spam email messages to thousands of email addresses.

The actions we took to restore our services failed, and we were forced to completely remove our entire website from the internet for a short period of time.

If you received an email from an address, it is important for you to delete this email immediately, and to not open any of the email attachments, or click on any of the links.
Quite simply, this email was not sent by us.


Starting today, we are working around the clock to restore all of our website data and services. This includes a full and proper games catalogue, as well as a far more simplified website design that makes for easier navigation.

Since the Sidular website is used mostly as a public company information outlet, absolutely no personal information or client data was compromised. Additionally, all of our sister services remain stable, and were not affected by this incident.