Turns out, nobody uses Hitbox

Twitch is simply a far larger network, and even though Hitbox appears to have more features straight out of the box, it is not, in any way, a good alternative to Twitch for one simple reason; nobody uses it.

For every 1000 views on Twitch, Hitbox provided 5 views in a comparable amount of time. Having a mere 30 live viewers on Hitbox basically guarantees you a front-row spot on their homepage, theoretically providing you with thousands upon thousands of viewers. Except, that’s just not what happens. It’s great exposure in theory, but the fact is, nobody is using Hitbox.tv. The #1 English channel as of right now has a mere 47 viewers, and it’s being featured on the Hitbox homepage. That’s kinda pathetic, isn’t it?

For now, Hitbox will remain my secondary streaming platform, as there’s no real reason not to stream there. However, there’s also no real reason to stream there, either. But I have an account, so I may as well use it.