What Is Sidular?

Sidular is both a company, and a person. Yes, you read that right.

As a company, Sidular operates a wide range of digital products and services, with a special focus on video games, and web servers. Whether you’re looking for the latest video game reviews on the oldest PlayStation news publication in the world, or you’re just looking to host a basic website for your grandma. Sidular has very rich roots in the world of gaming and web technologies.

The Company

The Person

As a person, Tyler Harvey uses the Sidular name on various web communities and gaming services. Sidular is more than just a business, it’s a person with a goal, and the passion and means to achieve it, whether that’s by simply socializing or competing with others while using the Sidular alias, or by using the power and reach of the company. Sidular is… well, Sidular is Sidular. A platform to turn a dream into a reality.

Sidular originally started out as a video game development project. This… did not go so well. Eventually, our priority shifted over from video game development, to writing about and covering the video game industry. And to do that, we needed servers. Originally, we jumped from host to host, until eventually deciding to create our own hosting network back in April of 2012, which we still operate to this day. In fact, every single website and service we operate, we do so through our own network, using our own servers. In 2017, Sidular operated or otherwise owned over 100 domains, including PSX Extreme and all of its sister sites.

The Past

The Future

We’ve been working on streamlining our business operations into three main categories.

Websites: PSX Extreme is our main focus and priority, and we won’t be taking on any additional websites.
Hosting: DoRoyal already powers Sidular, but we want it to do so much more. Focus on expanding our server technologies and networking capabilities.
Games: Sidular is preparing to launch a game studio within the near future.