No Cameras. No Microphones.  Sidular Silent streams are 100% gameplay oriented, where I just sit back, and enjoy the game without worrying about managing the stream, or interacting with my viewers.


Typically late at night, which is why it’s silent.

I'm Bored, Silent Streams Suck!

I know it sucks, that’s why I do it when there’s a very low possibility of anyone watching. I stream silently at hours when most normal people are asleep. If you’re watching a Sidular Silent Broadcast, you’re probably not a normal individual. If you’re bored, it’s because you watched the stream for more than 30 seconds. You have only yourself to blame for that.

Sidular Silent streams are typically encoded at higher settings. This sometimes pushes my computer to the breaking point, and may cause frame rate drops or inconsistent visuals.

Silent Streams are sometimes 1080p/60, whereas normal streams are 720/30.