Sidular has been operating a powerful website hosting network since April of 2012. The vision with DoRoyal was to create a website hosting platform that our clients could easily relate to, and thanks to the DoRoyal personality, we are now proud to be ¬†hosting hundreds of websites. DoRoyal is Sidular’s main source of revenue. While DoRoyal is currently just a web and domain provider, we intend to incorporate DoRoyal into future Sidular projects, including a large-scale MMO and cloud computing technologies.

If you are interested in supporting our operations, please consider using DoRoyal as your main website hosting provider. All of the revenue we receive from DoRoyal is used solely to expand our digital operations, as well as to ensure that we have the required funding to design top quality video games for you to play and enjoy.

Without DoRoyal, Sidular wouldn’t exist.

Sidular has been operating UlarHost since 2013 to power internal services. Recently, UlarHost has been opened up to the public as a Team Fortress 2 server and website hosting provider.