This page contains our main projects, services, and business operations. If something is missing, don’t worry; that doesn’t mean we dropped our support for the project. It just means it’s not our primary focus right now.

PSX Extreme is one of the oldest gaming news publications in the world. Founded in 1999, and later acquired by Sidular in 2017, PSX Extreme is our primary media outlet.

Name: PSX Extreme (PSXE)
Type: Gaming News Publication
Since: 1999
Links: PSX Extreme, Forums, Metacritic, Twitter, Facebook

DoRoyal has been in operation since 2012, and was our first venture into the website and game server hosting industry. Since 2012, DoRoyal has maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and remains to this day a reliable and responsive hosting provider.

Name: DoRoyal Hosting
Type: Website Hosting Provider
Since: 2012
Links: DoRoyal, Twitter