Player Contract


The player(s) listed on this contract agreed to come and play under the name Envision Crew terms and policies discussed in the following paragraphs. Envision Crew can terminate this contract at any time. If contract is terminated, all players listed on this contract agree to become free agents for their respective games and leagues.



The players of Envision Crew agree to play under the Envision Crew name and brand at all online, LAN, matches, scrimmages, practices, and social events and competitions that they attend.


While representing Envision Crew, team members may not be asked to do anything else other than play, represent, create videos if instructed, advertise sponsors, practice, do interviews upon request or post blogs, and stream live on social media websites . The Envision Crew  organization can place a performance requirement on the Envision Crew Team, and must adhere to certain qualifications and placement requirements to continue operation under our name and brand. These requirements must be met in full, and will be determined in a separate document.

Envision Crew team members must wear branded shirts, gear, products of sponsors, etc., while streaming, or inside a tournament venue at all times, if such branded shirts, gear, products of sponsors, etc., are provided and made available to the team. This include team logos or avatars, which must be worn on Steam and/or other online league venues at all times while representing Envision Crew. 



Envision Crew holds the right to remove or prosecute any player violating such terms at will.


The Envision Crew roster will be expected to follow a set of guidelines when representing Envision Crew, their sponsors, and partners. Each player is expected to be in good shape with no body impairing substances in the body during LAN events, or online competitions, or live streaming or social events representing Envision Crew or their sponsors. These substances include but are not limited to the following: illegal drugs, legal imitation plant like substances of any kind that impair judgment, alcohol, and overdosed prescriptions. A player may not be held accountable for use of drugs prescribed by a doctor for any medical condition he or she may have.

No player shall use foul language in any official event that is represented by Envision Crew no matter what kind of venue or online. This includes social events, forums, chat rooms, while representing Envision Crew and their sponsors. Players over the legal drinking age may purchase alcoholic beverages after all matches have concluded.

If a team is labeled dead, inactive, moved down online or is moved out of a professional invite status, LAN, or other various competitive league or competition, Envision Crew has the right to enable this contract null and void for the players on Envision Crew. Envision Crew is not responsible for any injury or crime committed by any of the players on the Envision Crew team.



Following the signing of this contract the player who signed this document/contract is hereby obligated to play/represent/ and is with Envision Crew for 30 days. If this player chooses to leave prior to the 30 days it may be discussed only with Envision Crew, through email at Only Envision Crew has the right to terminate this contract. Envision Crew has the right to hold the players contract until the 30 days are up.


3.3 Envision Crew has the right to release the player to another team or organization . Envision Crew has the right to sell this contract to another company or organization at their discretion.. Upon the selling of this contract, the player is released from Envision Crew and is obligated to play for the organization who bought out the remainder of the contract. That company has the right to then terminate this contract at anytime in which they may choose. If Envision Crew declines a players request for termination of contract, then the player has the right to buy out the remainder of his contract. The total for the purchase of the contract will be calculated by Envision Crew.  After 30 days has ended , both parties may renegotiate and sign again .


Players, team, and everyone signing this contract retain the following rights: 1. All roster changes are left up to the team leader stated here: ___    ___________ AND Envision Crew. If he or she is unable to perform his or her duties they may be passed to the back-up leader that will be assigned by Envision Crew. Envision Crew has the right to dismiss a player only if a part of the code of conduct has been breached. 3. If above leader or co-leader or scheduler for online matches fails to do their duties Envision Crew has the right to schedule events or matches or social meetings.



In the case that a player breaks the code of conduct at a tournament in which there is a prize or Envision Crew or their sponsors are in any which way financing than that player forfeits their share of the ending prize. If a situation is not included in this contract, Envision Crew may take the matter to court. Person or persons signing this contract may not take any member of Envision Crew to court for any legal matter . Should a player break the code of conduct only that player will have the right to dismissal. If the player begins a LAN event at a venue he has the right to finish the final or LAN event and collect his rightful share of the prize.If this is not the case, the player may be dismissed instantly, Legal action may not be taken upon Envision Crew.



Envision Crew has the right to keep up to 40% of all earnings for online and real world tournaments and events.