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You, the player, are put into a large and unusually foggy forest, which just so happens to be inhabited by hundreds of unique and strange monsters, including Disco Zombies, Hairless Werewolves, Pirate Pixies, Mutated Easter Bunnies and an Evil Santa Claus or two.

Each enemy will have its’ own unique fighting style. For example, the Evil Santa has a candy cane launcher that essentially shoots large exploding candy canes at you, while the Disco Zombies are slow, dumb and normally come at you in a horde. Some of them also have the ability to flash a strobe light in your face, effectively blinding you for a short period of time.

So, think of it as an unusual parody of a fighting game. There’s no way to escape the forest, and there’s absolutely no goals or objectives.
Just kill the enemies, and try to survive for as long as you possibly can.

When you combine a fog-filled forest with a hundred zombies and an evil Santa Claus, you get MysticForrests.

The Enemies

More information coming soon

The Weapons

More information coming soon

Development Status

We’re currently working on the models for use in-game.