What is Maze: An Exploration Game?

You seem confused. Honestly, we can’t blame you. This game isn’t exactly normal, and we’ve been keeping the secrets of the maze pretty under wraps. If you’re not in the know, you just don’t know.

Except, now people are asking questions. Simplistic questions, like “why isn’t there anything other than promotional images?” and “what’s the objective of this Maze thing?” 

So, we figured we would answer a few common ones, just because we like ya. 🙂


Q. What’s the objective?
a. Find the exit.

Q. Is this game scary?
a. Not for true explorers.

Q. Is there a story?
a. Sort of.

Q. What’s with the images?
a. We like taking pictures.

Q. Why are you being so secretive?
a. We like mysteries.

Q. When’s this releasing?
a. August 20th.

Q. Console port, please?
a. no comment.


Seriously though, you’ll just have to find the answers yourself once Maze: An Exploration Game releases later this year. The best part to exploring the maze, is not knowing what’s around the next corner. It’s not knowing whether or not there’s a story, or an objective outside of pure exploration.

Though, it does make you wonder, doesn’t it?
Why does this maze exist? Who created it? Are we hinting at a story?

Find out later. Cause for now, our lips are sealed.